Thermal Spray Aluminum

Thermal Spray Aluminum or more often referred to as TSA, is extremely durable and can significantly increase the life of the equipment protected by TSA.  Traditional barrier coating systems can only offer a 5 to 15 year coating service life, depending on the severity of the service atmosphere.  TSA corrosion protection systems even in the harshest of atmospheres offer 20 to 50 year service life.  The TSA coating offers a significant improvement in life versus conventional barrier coating systems.  Therefore, it is easy to see why more companies are requesting and specifying LoneStar Corrosion's TSA corrosion protection systems.

The increased life of a TSA system lowers the long term maintenance cost as coating repair is unnecessary.  TSA coating systems offer self-healing edges, do not require cathodic protection, and can sustain up to 5% of bare surface (holiday).

Sacrificial anodes generally are not required on subsea equipment when coated with TSA.  The TSA acts as the anode protecting the equipment.  Additionally, TSA can be used in applications where the service temperature range is anywhere from -50F to 1000F.

TSA coatings can be applied either by a manual process or by automated processes.  Additionally, LoneStar has the capability to TSA coat internal diameters of pipe.

Typical uses for TSA Coatings in an offshore oil and gas market include:


    Buoyancy Air Cans     New Offshore Platforms
    Suction Piles     Valves
    Fenders & Docks     Ship Topsides
    Flare Booms     Access Bridges
    Riser Systems (Including)     Walkways & Staircases
          Production Risers     Retrofits on Platforms
          Drilling Risers     Dam Gates
          Workover Risers     Subsea Trees
          Catenary Risers     Subsea Pipelines
    Mufflers & Silencers     Stem Pipe


For more information about LoneStar's thermal spray aluminum processes and how your equipment can benefit from them Click Here.

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